Tribal Art Enthusiasts: Wawasan Open University Homestead

Tribal Art Enthusiasts: Wawasan Open University Homestead

Tribal art Enthusiasts: from Spirited: Human Art of the Non-Human is a wonderful resource for understanding the mysteries of bygone civilizations. The Homestead at George Town’s Wawasan Open University (WOU) is hosting this exhibition. There are fascinating artefacts that reveal the way the indigenous people made things.

Tribal Art Enthusiasts: Tan Yu Kai’s intellectual quest as seen through the curator’s eyes

Tribal Art Enthusiasts: Wawasan Open University Homestead

The 27-year-old filmmaker Tan Yu Kai believes that tribal art can shed light on our ancestral beginnings. Because of his background in Earth and Environmental Sciences, Tan brings a fresh perspective to the table, asking thought-provoking questions like, “What unfair effects do moving indigenous people have?” Were any benefits realised, and were any costs incurred? Is our life truly better now?

Tribal Art Enthusiasts: The Extensive Selection: Papua New Guinea to Nusantara

Collaboratively organised by WOU and GIOAS, this exhibition showcases David Goh’s extensive collection of indigenous artworks. The Nusantara region, which includes Peninsular Malaysia and Papua New Guinea, is home to the artworks. Property of Tan Sri Andrew Sheng and Puan Sri Dr Lim Suan Poh is showcased as well, together with tribal textiles, Ikat, and other priceless artefacts.

Creating a Harmonious and Joyful Life

The native art event is a platform for GIOAS Chairman Tan Sri Andrew Sheng to advocate for harmony and welfare. Aiming to investigate societal concepts and challenges, the group collaborates across religious and geographical boundaries.

From an archive to an exhibition

I inspire to put on this presentation after visiting the building housing David Goh’s art collection. The hidden treasures inside moved Sheng and Tan Yu Kai. And also they recognised an opportunity to spread joy by giving them to everyone. For more than a year, Tan Yu Kai has been crafting this incredible performance.

Tribal Art Enthusiasts: There is a cultural and artistic hub at the farm.

Located in the ancestral house of Datuk Seri Stephen Yeap, head of Wawasan Open University Sdn Bhd, Homestead has earned a reputation as Penang’s cultural hub. This show is only the beginning of what Tan Sri Andrew Sheng hopes will be a long series of activities there.

See What’s Out There, Get Involve

More than 30 stunning pieces of art spanning the centuries are on display, and attendees can discover everything about their fascinating histories. From totem poles and ceremonial staffs to ancestral figures and exquisitely carved woodwork, every one of these artefacts has a history. Take note of the exquisite Timor-Leste Atoni mask.

January 16, 2024 is the cutoff date for everyone to join.

Check out this free presentation that delves into the rich history of indigenous communities. From 10 am to 4 pm, every day (except holidays), until January 16, 2024. The public is welcome to attend at the Homestead, WOU. Come have a look around and be astounded by the wealth of ancient wisdom engraved into every object.