The Dragons Hoard Treasure: Dota 2 Celebrate Lunar New Year!

The Dragons Hoard Treasure: Dota 2 Celebrate Lunar New Year!

Dota 2 Player, Valve has just released a fantastic surprise in the form of the Dragons Hoard treasure. Which is a unique treat to celebrate the Lunar New Year. This treasure is filled with 17 hero outfits with a Lunar New Year theme, as well as the game’s very first Ancient cosmetic! Get ready to dive into the spirit of giving with this treasure!

The Dragons Hoard Treasure: A Comprehensive Guide to All Sets and Bonuses of the Game

As we take a look at some of the incredible sets that include in the Dragon’s Hoard prize, which includes:

  • Whisper at the Temple Gates is the name of the Templar Assassin.
  • The Herald of Frost and Flame is known as Jakiro.
  • Mars, the utterly vile giant
  • In the form of a reflection of the rushing stream, morphling
  • Route of the Emerald Marauder, also known as the Centaur Warrunner
  • Master of the Mystic Phoenix, the Invoker Invokes God
  • Known as the “Havoc of the Hydras Scorn,” Medusa
  • Victorious Fighting Scoundrel, also known as the Monkey King
  • Attunements of the Ornate are Found in the Phoenix
  • Mage of the Ogre – Oni Magi
  • Pearl of Puck, the Disappearing
  • Enhanced Brew, a Brewmaster’s Specialty
  • Marci, the Bloomjewel Brawler’s name
  • A song titled “Song of the Shadow Dragon” by Phantom Assassin
  • The Abaddon Dreadmist Dragoon is an extremely rare item.
  • Temple Guardian, a Primal Beast, is an extremely rare item.
  • Dragon King of the Ancients (ULTRA RARE) for the Ancients

The Dragons Hoard Treasure: A marvel for the Lunar New Year, the Ancient Dragon King is waiting for you.

Take a look at the Ancient Dragon King, the very first Ancient cosmetic item ever introduced in Dota 2! A touch of enchantment is add to your Ancient with the addition of this magnificent “loong” dragon. Which is base on Chinese folklore. In the event that you equip it, everyone in the match will be able to experience its awe-inspiring presence. In each and every game, there is a celebration of the Lunar New Year!

Sets You Can Recycle to Get More Goodies

Is there a set that you have that doesn’t quite satisfy your desire? Have no fear! Valve has introduced a fascinating function that recycles materials. You can make progress toward earning a free Dragon’s Hoard prize by recycling an unopened bundle. All you have to do is recycle another bundle. After you have gathered six sets through recycling, you will have a free treasure at your disposal. There will be no duplicates until you have one of each, so it’s a win-win situation!

Time to dive into the treasure trove of the dragon!

Having said that, are you prepared to adorn your favorite heroes with the holiday spirit of the Lunar New Year? Unlocking a wide variety of spectacular hero sets and the legendary Ancient Dragon King can accomplish by acquiring the Dragon’s Hoard treasure. Which is your golden ticket. Put your best foot forward. Celebrate the Lunar New Year in grand fashion. May the fortunes of VTBET fortune always in your favor!